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Inclusion Policy

The KayLeo Project's Inclusion Policy

The KayLeo Project believes diversity makes us better; we do not discriminate on any basis, such as gender or sex, race or ethnicity, background, profession, or country. This policy applies to members of our team, as well as the nonprofits we partner with. 


Prior to beginning a partnership with us, we conduct an extensive review of all our potential clients and partners. We want to make sure that when we put our Brand behind yours, we can be proud of our work together.


Exclusion, prejudice, or bias can occur within direct or indirect communication of mission, scope, purpose, origin (as in, originally founded by an individual or organization who take part in or took part in exclusion, prejudice, or bias), media statements, multimedia, articles or other published items, philosophies, principles, political statements, and actions.


These direct or indirect communications may come from the organization, an officer or board member, volunteer, employee, or other individual/group receiving services from or providing services to the organization. This includes past, present, and future affiliation with any individual, group or entity engaged in these activities.


The KayLeo Project does not partner with, provide services to, or receive services from, in any capacity, groups or individuals that engage in or have engaged in exclusion, prejudice, or bias toward any individual or group, for any cause related to those discriminations listed in the first paragraph of this section.


We do our due diligence to thoroughly review our clients and partners using the tools provided to the general public; however, we also expect clients to, prior to any contract or service agreement with The KayLeo Project, willfully disclose any past, present, or future discriminatory or exclusion practices by any individual, group, entity, volunteers, policies, procedures, vendors, clients, clients’ purpose, etc. affiliated with them.